Mom Knows Best

So much of what we know comes from watching the people around us. I am grateful to have a close…

Holiday Spirit

This was the first holiday we spent in our new home. With all our energy and money spent on things…

Office Chic: Who Are You Dressing For?

Do you ever think about who or what you are really dressing for? Is it to look professional and smart in front of a client/audience? Is it for a job or a promotion? Is it to impress someone that you may pass by during your morning commute? Is it to simply look and feel confident? Or is it really just for yourself, to feel comfortable in your own skin?

Love is // Confessions of a Bride

I have a new-found obsession, one that takes the form of infinite numbers of pinterest boards (some hidden, to hide my crazy pinning habits) and non-stop browsing of wedding photos online. Yes, that’s it, I have been hit with wedding fever. I recently saw a Coast Capital Savings ad where the grumpy monster was a bride. I literally laughed out loud because I could totally relate.