A New Routine

For someone who is cooped up indoors at work all day, it can get a little depressing getting to and leaving work when it’s dark outside. It’s nice to wake up to a crisp, sunny day on the weekend for a change. I spent this entire weekend at my dodgeball league playoffs.  After playing for a few seasons, I’ve adopted somewhat of a pre-game routine consisting of: a solid breakfast, a few minutes on my brain training mobile apps, a light stretch and warmup, followed by a few dodgeball videos. This routine has allowed me to be both physically and mentally prepared for the game and at the same time brings a sense of focus and commitment required in a competitive environment. It allowed me to be present and aware at all times. I found that I was no longer focusing on the end result but instead I played each game like it was the only game that mattered. Sadly, we didn’t win any championships (*tear), but I had a great time with my team!

I realized that this “routine” is something that should be incorporated to my daily happenings. As we take on multiple demands and challenges at work, school and at home, we need to get our “game face” on to get the job done and excel. It means having proper meals, taking adequate mental breaks, going for a walk/stretch and doing things that you enjoy. As the holidays creep closer, it’s getting easier to sit back and relax, but hopefully we can all start off the New Year with a good and meaningful routine!

By Cecilia Huang

Outfit Details:

Black wool coat – Eight Second(Korea)

Polka Dot Sweater – Forever 21

Blue dress pants – GAP (similar)

Caramel Clutch – Pull & Bear (Available in white here)

Black woven sneakers – Korea street market (sorry!)


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