Love is // Confessions of a Bride

 What is love.

I have a new-found obsession, one that takes the form of infinite numbers of pinterest boards (some hidden, to hide my crazy pinning habits) and non-stop browsing of wedding photos online. Yes, that’s it, I have been hit with wedding fever. I recently saw a Coast Capital Savings ad where the grumpy monster was a bride. I literally laughed out loud because I could totally relate.

It was so easy to get lost in the details, the glitz and glamour, the should’s and should not’s of wedding planning. Like any other major life event, there is a lot of stress and expectations to manage. For the first few months, it felt like a roller coaster – from finding an awesome deal on a dress to finding out that after a thread of communications, that a vendor has just been booked. Then, there is the division of responsibilities and ultimately, the decision making exercise. It may feel like it all comes down to this one celebration, but in reality this is just training for all the other life happenings and milestones that may be coming your way in the next few years. Wedding planning has taught me some important life lessons. It has taught me that communication is important, not just with your partner, but your friends and family. It’s also taught me when and how to let things go. No matter how high priority the current moment is, it is just an ingrain of the many things that will come your way. I also learned that it’s okay when things don’t according to plan, because they are not supposed to. It’s okay if you need more time to make decisions. At first, you may want to focus on the outcomes and you may become fixated on making adequate progress. However, you soon realize that if you are really unsure about something, the right thing just hasn’t come along just yet.

Then, there’s perspective. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I focus on the two things that I look most forward to – the dress and the engagement shoot. The dress reminds me of the precious mother-daughter time we spent together and the photo shoot itself is a visual representation of our emotions to be shared publicly. Set your sight on the things that are important and truly valuable to you. Recently, we’ve been asked what is the one thing that we are both looking forward to the most, and without a doubt, it’s the celebration of all things awesome in our lives with all the people that we love.

All in all, love is more than just love. It is the process.


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