Office Chic: Pastels

Many of us spend a majority of our time at work – be it the office or other settings. While I enjoy shopping for pieces that are on-trend, I always consider how I could incorporate them into a work-appropriate outfits. A business wardrobe takes time to build, but there are countless ways to style your favorite pieces in order to look professional and still allow your personality to shine.

With that, I present to you – The guide to Office Chic – which features a series of stylish work-appropriate outfits, with tips on dressing for the job. Let’s just say that this is a great way for me to reinvigorate my work wardrobe and to inspire you to do the same!

Office Chic #1 – Pastels

  • I know summer is over, but who says you can’t wear pastels?  Soft pink and lavender reflect a sense of caring and compassion, which will make you seem a bit more approachable 😉
  • I am loving the colour-matching trend this season. To elevate this look, mix different textures, such as lace and chiffon, to create more dimension.

Happy Monday!


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