Holiday Spirit

This was the first holiday we spent in our new home. With all our energy and money spent on things for the house and travelling, we decided to not exchange presents this. This brought me a sense of relief as it allowed us to avoid the holiday shopping traffic as well as the pressure of budget management and decision-making. Instead, we hosted various gatherings and spent majority of our time decorating our home and cooking/baking.

Coincidentally we also did not successfully secure a Christmas tree in time for the holiday festivities. Though I was slightly disappointed, we decided to reuse our little tree that we already owned with polaroid photos of our friends and families. We also made DIY  decorations to jazz up our new home.

At the end of the day, there is no better gift than spending quality time with your loved ones and creating new memories. I read somewhere recently that “there’s no better present than the present” and that holds true. Cherish these moments because like Mackelmore says, “someday, these will be the good old days; all the love you won’t forget.

Happy Holidays my lovelies.


Made with au naturale pine tree leaves and holly branches!


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