Restyle Challenge: Bell Sleeves v3 + Reflections


I’m calling this the “TGIF!” School’s Out-fit, inspired by nostalgia and the desire for some freedom from my work pants.  I styled the top with an ankle-length sweater cardigan [Roots] and a denim button-up skirt – complete with Mary Jane pumps [Aldo].

A simple way to determine the rewearability of a piece is to consider how you would incorporate it into outfits for different settings. Whenever I am deciding on a piece, I ask myself if I could wear it to: 1) work meetings 2) formal events & 3) casual weekend outtings. However, I would also argue that there are so many ways to revitalize an item and it’s all up to your creativity and mindset.

5 Things I learned:

  • You start to notice the type of styles and combinations you are drawn to. It will help inform your future purchases and help you make intentional decisions.
  • Micro fleece leggings and Uniqlo Heat Tech tops are my saving grace. They truly are everyone’s cold weather essentials. So, capsule THAT!
  • Shirts with dramatic sleeves are not the easiest to layer. They tend to scrunch up when you attempt to stuff them into cardigans. Solution: Roll them around your forearm before sticking your limbs into the sleeves, or layer it with a cardigan with wider sleeves.
  • I need to learn to accessorize more. Where is my stash of scarves?
  • THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. I am already as indecisive as is and I found it difficult to come up with 3 ‘perfect outfits’. However, I realized that “perfection” is an illusion and there’s so much more to just looking good on a day-to-day basis 🙂 Your attitude is your best accessory.

In an effort to embrace creativity and find ways to stay inspired, here are some interesting tidbits about creativity:

  • “Setting restrictions or limitations for yourself is a great way to increase your creativity” (7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity by 99U). By limiting yourself to a few items in your closet, you can exercise your ability to utilize the piece in multiple ways.
  •  “Engaging in creative activities can lead to an overall sense of well-being”, according to a new study in Journal of Positive Psychology (Huffington Post). It can be something as simple as baking something new, making a DIY craft or taking a different route from what you normally resort to.
  • Exercise your idea muscle daily – write ten ideas down per day. It can be random like: “how many things could I do a podcast about?” or “10 things I would do if I owned a private island” (The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine)

All in all, exercising this “muscle” can lead to lots of great possibilities – even infusing doses of joy and satisfaction into your day. I encourage you to challenge yourself. Let me know how it goes!



P.S. I have added a few outfits from the summer that will hopefully serve as inspiration, especially on those mornings where your brain is struggling just to find the right button to turn off your alarm. Happy restyling!


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