Mom Knows Best


So much of what we know comes from watching the people around us. I am grateful to have a close relationship with my mom. She has always been a huge influence in my life. As I reflect on the past years, I realized that much of the wisdom I have gained could very well be traced back to my mom’s words (or repetitive lectures if you will) as well as witnessing how she embraced whatever life threw at her, be it lemons or sunshine and rainbows. Even through my defiant teenage years, deep down inside, I always knew that my mother was a wise one.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I partnered with Cold Tea Collectives to garner a list of important life lessons from some spectacular moms out there. I thought I would share my bit.

My mom has always been thrifty. When she graduated from high school, she moved to the big city to find a job. She worked tirelessly and lived simply. She never spent a lot of money on herself, getting by with hand-me-downs from her older sister and cheap eats so she could save as much as possible. Her minimalist ways continued after she got married, but she always had a special talent for finding joy in the simple things. Thanks to my mom’s creativity, I had many happy memories as a child. I remember when my mom would drive me on her Moped to the public art gallery for one of our weekend mother-daughter escapades and sneak in a tea and croissant at a French cafe nearby, which was our little secret from dad. When we were stuck at home during a massive Hurricane, I begrudgingly worked on my homework as instructed. When I finished, I noticed that my mom had drew a bubble bath and brought out bathrobes. She had turned a dreadful, boring evening into a home spa date!

My family has been through thick and thin, but my mother has always been a pillar of strength that held us together. She has taught me the importance of appreciating what you have and creating meaningful memories that last a lifetime.

Thanks mom.

For more great life lessons, head on over to Cold Tea Collective. Let’s show all the mothers out there some love.  Would love to hear your stories too!


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